The Muslim insurgency in south Thailand,  which has driven many Buddhists away from these parts to safer areas,  thus making the area even more Islamic. 

Many of the Buddhists in south Thailand are mixed Thai and Chinese (teochiew) heritage.


Ten bombs go off in Narathiwat
No one hurt in blasts, but 3 others shot dead
Published: 31/10/2011 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

Ten coordinated bomb attacks occurred across five districts of Narathiwat yesterday. No one was injured.

The bombings took place in Sungai Padi, Sungai Kolok, Yi-ngo, Tak Bai and Rueso districts between 5.50pm and 6.20pm.

The bombs used were mostly improvised devices.

Two attacks took place in [B]Sungai Padi [/B]district. A bomb inside a soft drink can weighing about 1kg went off at a shoe shop in tambon Paluru municipality. The blast damaged the shop. Another explosion occurred behind Sungai Padi railway station.

In Sungai Kolok, a home-made bomb damaged a gift shop close to Inter Tower Hotel in the municipal area.

In Yi-ngo, a grenade was hurled into a house owned by Kanuengnit Chusing, a teacher at Ban Ku Wae school.

In Tak Bai, two bombs exploded, one at a grocery store in tambon Jehe and the other near the fence of Anuban Som Thawil school in the central area.

In Rueso, four explosions went off, caused by home-made bombs. The first went off a 7-Eleven store, the second at the Yong Huad store belonging to Prasert Sae Ung, the third at a hawker outlet and a fourth at a grocery store. The blasts took place in tambon Rueso.

The explosions caused fires at the 7-Eleven and Yong Huad stores. No one was hurt.

Also in Narathiwat, three people were earlier shot dead in Muang district.

Police said two men, identified as Srithong Masi, 75, and Theeerapong Sae Lim, 42, were gunned down at a petrol station tambon Bang Por. Nearby, Mr Srithong's daughter-in-law, Mali Masi, was also found dead with bullet wounds to her head in a grocery shop.

Police said two gunmen on a motorcycle pulled over and shot dead Mr Srithong. They went around the station and shot dead Mr Theerapong.

Another two men on a motorcycle then stopped at the grocery shop and shot dead Ms Mali. Police suspect the four gunmen might be the same group.

In Bacho district, two motorcycle gunmen shot and injured a mobile phone shop owner, Bulan Srikongpetch, 20.

Elsewhere in Narathiwat, three people were injured in separate attacks.

The first incident took place on the Rueso-Narathiwat road around 10.30am when two men on a motorcycle overtook a rubbish truck, and a gunman riding pillion fired four shots into the vehicle's front window.

The attack left the driver, Somporn Srivarom, 53, in critical condition.

Sorn Srithongthet, a rubbish collector who was sitting next to Mr Somporn, was slightly wounded by shards of glass.

Two other rubbish collectors on board the back of the truck asked a passerby to take the injured to hospital.

The second attack occurred less than an hour later in Rangae district.

A homemade bomb went off near a group of 10 rangers attached to the 45th Ranger Regiment, wounding volunteer Raattikarn Praeyai, 23. Mr Rattikarn was taken to Rangae Hospital with minor shrapnel wounds to his legs.


Hat Yai business area under guardPublished: 26/10/2011 at 03:32 PM
Online news:

The Songkhla unit of the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) has stepped up security in downtown Hat Yai district, the business centre of the lower Southern provinces.

The move followed a string of bombings in Yala province, where there were 33 bombs planted on Tuesday. Intelligence reports indicate Hat Yai city is among the targets the extremists have pinpointed for bombings between Oct 25 and Nov 5.

Isoc has mobilised troops and defence volunteers to guard and patrol three key business zones in Hat Yai around the clock. They are: Plaza Market, Kimyong Market, and Sanehanusorn Road-Niphat Uthit 2 Road.