Child snatching is here

PRC couple attempts to abduct local children in Ang Mo Kio Hub, 21 Mar 2012

A woman has complained on the internet that a Chinese national couple tried to abduct her child at Ang Mo Kio Hub.

Ms 'Allison Goon' shared her experience on her Facebook page, explaining that she was at the AMK Hub Fiesta on Sunday (18 Mar).

She had just fed her son and walked away to throw some rubbish when she turned back and found another woman taking her son away by his hand.

She shouted after her son and asked the woman why she was holding her son's hand.
The woman, who spoke with a China accent, replied that she had "the wrong child", then walked away with another man while pretending that nothing had happened.

All Singaporeans must raise this alarm to alert the daft to be more aware of the dangers around them. Child snatching is common in China and it is coming.

Be aware and be very careful with your children. The public and the police must be more alert to prevent such incidents from happening.

Spread the word around. Better be safe than be sorry.