I thought Sea Park, a very safe suburb.  
So is PJ now not a safearea to live?

This can happen anywhere, anytime... so [;s be v v careful....
It was a Saturday (28/7/12), around 10 PM, my boyfriend – Kalvin and I were walking toward my house at Sea Park. Just as we were about to cross the road to my front gate, a Myvi (WQR 7577) drove quickly into the street, passed by us, reversed then stopped.****
At this moment, 3 men (dark-skin, suspect Indians) quickly came down from the car. Two of the men were holding a Parang, while another one holds a big log. One man hurriedly came to grab me and put the Parang to my throat.
He was skinny, dark-skin, wearing a baggy t-shirt and long jean, had a
moustache, approximately 5'7", mid-20s. I was shivering. The man tried to pull my backpack, but he was not successful.****
Then, he started to beat me using his Parang’s shank, while others circled Kalvin. Kalvin pushed them away in order to protect me. The guys shifted their attention to attack him. Another guy with the Parang slashed Kalvin’s head.
Kalvin collapsed and I wanted to run to him, but the man that grabbed me pushes the Parang into my throat and instructed me “Don’t move! Shut up!” This time, he pulled my bag from the back and was successful. I fallen to the ground, and the others kicked Kalvin’s back. They quickly rushed back to their car then retreated.****
I ran to hold Kalvin, he was bleeding badly. We crossed the road and both
of us collapsed in front of my gate. My dad hurried rush Kalvin to the
hospital, while my neighbor helped to lodge police report. 
Thankfully, Kalvin is alright. He was admitted into hospital for observation. Again, thankfully, there is no fraction in head, no concussion. He had 6 stitches on his head and another 5 stitches on his upper lips. He has been discharged and resting at home now. On the other hand, I had 6 long and short injuries on my neck but there are nothing compared to the injuries on Kalvin.****
Today, when I’m sitting down and think about the incident again, it
happened in spilt second, less than 5 minutes. To me, it’s like a terrible
long nightmare. According to my neighbor uncle from what he heard from the policemen that came to inspect my house, we were not the first victims of this car (Myvi : WQR 7577) and this gang. When I made my report, I told the Police Officer that this was my second time within two months: I was snatched few months ago, and now, we were robbed.  We did not attempted to fight back but they were still hurting us. 
Is this country still safe? When we are hearing that the crime rate has reduced as compared to last year, but every now and then, we witness cases happening all around and it’s getting more and more violent. We were robbed almost in front of my house!**

We never think it’s going to happen to us, anyone of us... and then it
does. We never felt unsafe in my neighborhood until yesterday. We have
Rukun Tetangga and police cars to ronda everyday, but these cases can still happened. I'm Blessed that they did not make further harm to any of us.
Today, I’m alive and relatively well. By God’s grace, Kalvin is fine also.
I thank God for keeping us to His arms. We need to make replacement for the things we lost. Our phone service is still not active, please wait for our further updates.  ****
I’m sharing this story with everyone because I want everyone to be extra careful with their surroundings. Guys and girls, please DO NOT be
off-guard, even you arrived at your gate. Watch out for each other. 
There are several things we can do to protect ourselves from crime. Please DO watch out for each other. Take care of each other. Don't take someone paranoia or fear lightly. Guys, please be a very gentleman to escort the girls home. Girls, please be very alert and very careful all the times.
Life doesn't come with guarantees. Just know that smiling will brighten
your face, laughter will brighten your day, and good people will make your life great... good morning everyone and be safe every time!****
** **