Dear family and friends

Just want you to know that I just had a harrowing experience two hours ago (my hands are still trembling while typing this),

At about 410pm today, on the way back from Ikea, while waiting at the traffic lights at Ikea(Ikano)/McDonald's side, I heard a loud thud from behind my car.  I looked at my side mirror and saw an Indian man trying to getup from a fallen bike.  I assumed  he must have fallen from the bike.  Then almost immediately, he got up, holding something in his hand and started hammering away at side window of a car (which was 2 cars behind mine.)! 


I then realised it wasn't an accident but was actually an attempted carjacking/robbery.  By now, I looked at the rear view mirror and saw 2 other motorcyclists on another bike beside the passenger side.  I guess the passenger must have been too shocked to do anything.  I couldn't see the driver - he/she must have been hurt/or was crouching away from broken glasses due to the smashing of the window.  This was when I started to press my car horn as hard as I could (people around me must have thought I was nuts or something, blaring away at traffic lights - which was still red).

As soon as I started horning, the other cars around must have noticed what was happening and they started horning as well.  I guess all the horning got the attention of the nearby workers and patrons of McDonald's because almost immediately a large group of people started shouting and rushing towards the robbers.  The four Indian guys must have panicked because I saw them getting onto the bikes and riding away, heading towards the main road in front of Ikea!  As they rode away, I continued blaring my horn! 

I did not get down from my car to check on the victim as my daughter was with me and both of us were also shocked from the experience.  As soon as the traffic lights turned green, we drove away. But the earlier group of people approached the victims to check on them. 

Whilst I do not wish any of this to happen to anyone, I was very thankful that they did not strike my car.  Imagine I was just 2 cars in front of the victim's.  I shudder to think what might have happened!!!


From what I gathered, these hooligans must have been targeting cars which are waiting at traffic lights, and while the traffic lights changed red, they started to stage an accident to distract drivers etc. , and then rob the unsuspecting victims.  It was such a well 'choreograph' move.  And they were so merciless!!

So, a word of advice to all drivers/passengers. 


Be wary at traffic lights, even during broad daylight.  DO NOT BE TOO ENGROSSED WITH YOUR HANDPHONES - almost all drivers tend to fidget with their hps at traffic lights.  Instead, be aware of your surroundings - in this case, look out any suspicious looking motorcyclists or any minor accidents beside/behind your vehicle. 


Still shaken,


Thanks Lynn for sharing ...  there are quite a number of similar cases happened in the area,

everyone should be careful when you stop at any area, look around before your next step.

The robbers now are chasing their victims on the road, you would ask what about the police,

what they have done to resolve the problem ? ! See no evil, Hear no evil ..... 

What's life would there be if you have to fear for each step

you take, all the best my friends.........