Forwarded by my member. His director was mugged at Sunway Putra Hotel
(formerly Legend) last Saturday evening while waiting for her car from
valet parking....

Terrible ... 5 star hotel? Zero Star security!!  No one helped!!

Be alert ... even if at front of a 5-star hotel and especially this hotel.

Saturday, April 14, 2012
I was mugged in front of a 5 stars hotel

I wish to forget and let go of this misery of being a victim to our
own humankind, but I took time out to blog about the incident hoping
to create some awareness. it could happen to anyone & anywhere, and
never thought you are safer by parking at Valet, than parking in

My wonderful girly night evening was  horrendously  ruined when I was
mugged while waiting for my car at the valet parking of Sunway Putra
hotel (previously known as Legend Hotel) .  *Hel parked her car in the
parking area, whereas I valet parked my car thinking that it would be
safer to wait in front of the hotel while havin g someone to bring the
car to me.  Gosh, who would have thought ?  It just happened in split

I handed my valet coupon to a guy when i walked out of the entrance of
the hotel, and the guy showed me to the counter on the right asking me
to pass it to the guy over there.  I walked over to the counter, and
that's when I noticed the white car which the robbers were in,  parked
right across the pathway of the valet counter, at the space with the
signage "reserved for VIP".  I handed my valet coupon to the valet guy
, and was planning to make a phone call while waiting for him to bring
my car over.

I looked up, and this guy smartly clad in white top and long pants
came out of that white car & walked towards my direction. I wasn't
suspicion at all thinking he's probably one of the hotel guest, and
whatmore his car stopped at the "VIP lot".  The next thing I realized
was his hands were on my bag and he pulled really hard which threw me
on the floor, but my handbag was still hung onto my wrist. The white
car came out of the driveway at a high rate of speed, I saw the bumper
and the left wheel getting closer to my face, and my bag was still
hung onto my wrist while the guy kept pulling , and was about to get
into the car. I screamed "somebody help", I didn't  know what happened
in those few seconds,I must have reacted & avoided the car, and my bag
got off my wrist, and i was lying on the floor, still screaming
"somebody help",    Out of all the people there at that moment - the
Hotel security, bellboy , valet , the group of people at the bus stop
 , the flowing of  passer bys -   No one responded.  No one came to my plight !

The guys fled from the hotel, leaving me lying on the floor, the left
side of my body was numb, and i couldn't get up.   I found my phone on
the floor, and thank God it's still working , and called *Hel.  After
a couple of minutes, then someone came to help me out of the floor. I
was wheeled into one of the hotel rooms, while waiting for the
ambulance, and police to arrive, and clean up the wounds on my body..

I was devastated , least to mention appalled by the security standards
of a  5 stars hotel.  Had someone alert enough, or sensitive enough to
the surrounding of their property,  they would immediately notice the
abnormality of the situation, furthermore I was standing at the valet
parking area, and not to mention that locality has always been known
to be "messy",  I would expect such prestigious hotel would tighten
their security further being there.  I'm very sure the incident could
have been different and the robbers could be nabbed had someone
stepped up to stop the guys during the moment of struggle. :(  But..
No. No one helped..)