Fake Police Car .Used for  Robberies

Subject: Fake Police Car


Dear Everyone,   Saturday, July 28th, 9.20 pm

I just witnessed an incident right in where I live, in Riana Green (Damansara).  4 police car all parked right at the front lobby near the guardhouse where the entrance was,  so I 'kepohed' , and went to ask what happened. 

Apparently they caught an Iranian guy living in Riana Green.   This Iranian guy was caught because he parked his car at the “No Waiting area and has newspaper pasted around the car.  Our security guard was suspicious and called the police,

I personally saw the police arrived, and was tearing the newspaper out from the car, and lo and behold, it is a police car.  BUT the police said it is not their vehicle, and apparently the Iranian guy used this car and put the police stickers around the car  and even had siren and use it to rob people.

Yes, I went near the police car to have a look at the “bad guy”….and yes he looks Iranian alright. So I am not sure now if police were to stop me especially at night should I stop or just drive straight to the police station, as I will not have any idea if they are genuine police or fake police……

Ladies,, especially those who drives late, have to be careful. But please be careful,,, lots of prayers for protection before we go out.