Careful when share table
Just be extra careful if there is a need to
share table...don't take your eyes off your food and drinks...remind our
My relative had a very bad experience that I want to share
with all of you.

Last week in the morning, he was having coffee at one of those famous coffee

A stranger asked to share his table and he agreed.

During a light, polite conversation, my relative sipped his coffee, and
commented that it was bitter.

The next thing he knew he was in Ampang Puteri Hospital .  He completely
blacked out!

He later found out that his coffee was spiked (drugged) and his bank account
was cleaned out - the culprit used his ATM card (he thinks that he must have
given the PIN number while in a state of being drugged.)

So please ladies and gentleman, do not assume that your drinks can only get
spiked in bars and clubs - it seems that now it has spread to innocent
coffee shops and cafe

Please take care and be careful and alert at all times.  Life is hard
enough, don't make it any harder for yourselves or your family and friends.
Thank you.

Best Regards,

Note :  This was happened in Malaysia, and could be happened in any where....