OUCH: The bite marks on Koh’s legs after her sojourn
at the Gold Coast

Morib Beach Resort
All LANEY KOH from Kuala Lumpur wanted was to have a good time celebrating her friend’s birthday at Gold Coast Morib Resort.

Little did she expect her fun outing to be ruined by “uninvited guests”.

“My family and friends went to Gold Coast Morib Resort for a two day, one night trip in conjunction with a friend’s birthday. We went there on Oct 8 and 9 as the Resort was having a birthday promotion,” she says.

However, KOH laments throughout their time there, the beach was buzzing with insects.

“We have no idea what type of bugs these were as there were so many different kinds. They may be all sand flies but what bothered us more than the presence of the bugs was the fact that the insects were biting us,” she claims.

As the bites left marks in their skin that resembled mosquito bites, the group initially assumed the marks would go away in a matter of days.

It was when the bite marks showed no signs of disappearing, and worse, began to itch, everyone began to worry.

“My legs were badly affected and the bite marks were prominent,” she claims, adding her mother, husband and one-year-old baby were bitten.

KOH says it has been more than a month but the itching persists.

“I have visited three doctors and had two injections. It caused me mental trauma and bleeding. I am afraid the bite mark will leave scars!”

GOLD COAST MORIB RESORT stresses they maintain the cleanliness of the beach at all times.

While expressing sympathy to KOH and her family, a spokesman states: “We keep our beach clean as we have staff cleaning the beach on a daily basis.”

KOH says she is not satisfied with the resort’s response and feels they should take measures to warn visitors.

“They should put signboards indicating there are insects and warn visitors not to go to the beach during specific times when the insects swarming.”

Note : Morib Beach located in Banting, Selangor , Malaysia