Dear all,

This is what happened to me today. I had finished an interview at the
St. Francis Xavier's Church in PJ and headed down to the Lotus store
to get a drink before heading for my next appointment at Assumption
Church. We think that things like this will never happen to us. But it
does. It helps to be wary.

I went to the Lotus grocery store along Jalan Gasing and parked my
vehicle further away from the stretch of stores as there was no
parking. I found a space at a house which is near what I think is a
funeral home.

As I walked to the store, I noticed two cars parked on the opposite
side of the road. One was a black Proton Saga and the other was a dark
blue Honda Accord. I didn't think very much of it as the driver of the
Proton had his window down and he was smoking a cigarette. After my
purchases at the store, I walked back to my vehicle and as I placed
the bags on the back seat, I saw one of the men cross the road to
approach my vehicle. I immediately got into the car and locked the
doors, put the key in the ignition and started the engine.

The man was Indian by race, clean cut with a pleasant face. He knocked
gently on my window, and smiled at me. I put my gear into drive and
released the handbrake, foot on the brake and wound my window down by
less than an inch. He said that my truck was leaking black oil and
that it could be dangerous. He suggested that I pop the hood and let
him take a look at what was wrong. Just then, I saw two other men
alight from the Honda Accord, approaching my vehicle.

At this point, I just said, "It's alright, thanks, I'll get it checked
out later," and drove off. Incidentally, there was no black oil
leaking from my truck. So please be careful when you are around that
area, or anywhere else.   THEY CAN TELL YOU ALL SORT OF THINGS TO ROB YOU.

Jalan Gasing is considered to be an affluent area and this was out in
the open in broad daylight. It doesn't matter how busy a street is, if
these people have you on their radar and are out to get you, they

How many people will actually stop their vehicles should they see
something wrong? There are some who might help, but it's just best to
always have your own back.

Be aware. Be wary. Be firm when approached. Know your surroundings.
Know your car. Get into your vehicle. Lock your doors and start your
engines. Everything else can wait. Be safe at all times.

As I sat on my couch at home this evening, I wondered where would I be
if I were less wary. How many people would be sick with with worry,
feeling helpless not being able to do anything. Think also of those
who love you - and avoid putting them through any grief.