Why do mosquitoes buzz in your ears?part 1
An explanation for imaginative kids Once upon a time, a mosquito told an iguana he saw a farmer digging yams as big as mosquitoes. The iguana said, "hat’s a lot of nonsense!" Grumbling, he put sticks in his ears. When the mosquito continued, he ran away through the reeds.
The movement of the iguana offended a friendly python which ran into a rabbit hole. That terrified a rabbit and caused a crow flying overhead to notice the python. It raised an alarm to all animals that danger was near. When some monkeys reacted in fear, they ran over and accidentally killed a baby owl. The mother owl became so sad that she was unable to wake the sun each day with her hooting. As a result, the nights grew longer.
King Lion then called a meeting. He wanted to find out what had been happening. It soon learned all the trouble was started by the pesky mosquito. Finding the culprit satisfied the mother owl, who called the sun back again.
But, alas, the mosquito was condemned. It became branded a pest – to be forever plagued with a guilty conscience.  And each time it buzzes into your ear asking, “Am I forgiven yet?”
1.         This is a timeless story based on a folk tale from West Africa. It has charmed a wider range of imaginative listeners/readers in the internet.
2.         Curious kids will ask: Is this about the butterfly effect – how, in our closely inter-connected world, the flapping of wings of a butterfly somewhere in the Amazon jungle can cause a major Tsunamiin Japan?
3.         Does this not remind us that a small event can bring about a domino effect ending in unexpectedbig consequences?