Please think twice before you thinking of live or travel to visit Malaysia in your next stop.

There are numbers of robberies happening in Malaysia especially in the PJ and Klang Valley

area.  Should the government is ignoring the pleading of the people and not going to improve the security

of the country, more pictures and news will be posted on 'youtube'  and internet to show you the

live situation in Malaysia...........a wake up call..............

Subject : Where can you be safe ?

A Friend's Pal just posted this on Facebook . . .

With the increasing news on crime within
Klang Valley, my family & I are now part of the statistics. As hard & as painful it is for me to relate the incident, I feel it's important with the hope that none of you will ever ever be in such horrific situation.

It’s habitual for my husband & I to sit at our p...orch for our morning coffee / newspaper as well as evening quality time with our dogs and also with each other.
Tuesday (26 June) night was like any other nights for us. We were sitting at our porch; chatting while surfing the net on our respective phone / laptop.

Note: We always sit facing the main gate to ensure that we have good view of the road as well as the surroundings

At approx.
11pm, my husband went into the house to take something from the room upstairs. Out of nowhere, 5 Indian men in ski masks & gloves armed with parangs jumped over our main gate ( like ninjas as they were so quiet and only took about 5 seconds), I screamed but was immediately shown the parang (miand taken into the house where my 2 year old son was (woken up from his sleep but still in a daze). I pleaded for my son’s safety and was allowed to carry him with me upstairs. In the meantime, 3 of the guys already rushed upstairs and held the parang to my husband’s neck. All 3 of us were held in our bedroom while they ransacked the house; demanding for cash & jewellery and threaten to hurt our son if we do not. They even demanded for the key to the Honda. In fear, we obliged and gave whatever we have. Then they wanted to tie us up with cable tie (which they came prepared) but we pleaded not to as we have a young son to care for. Luckily they agreed but said some threatening words and left.

When we replayed our CCTV footage, this whole nightmare lasted for only 7 minutes from the moment they jumped over the gate and drove off in our car (and there was also another guy waiting in another car, gray / silver Proton Waja) which felt like forever to us.

Please take this as Learnings :

1. Don’t take chances and avoid putting yourself in any risky situation
(In our case, we shouldn’t be sitting at the porch so late at night. We took for granted and assumed that our home is and always will be our safe haven)

2. You will never know when a robbery / snatch theft / etc going to strike
(We thought we have ‘eyes’ on the surrounding but it took only a few seconds for the robbers to jump over the gate)

3. If ever in such horrific situation ( which I pray none of you will ever need to go through ), stay calm ( cry / scream hysterically may aggravate matters )

I thank God that my family & I came out of this ordeal unharmed. Admittedly, emotionally and mentally, we would need time to come out of it which I believe we will with the support from our families & friends.

Please be alert at all times, don't take anything for granted and stay safe, my friends.