When you are 50
you are like a basketball,
everyone wants you,
because you can still 
earn an income or 
be an unpaid babysitter.

When you are 60
you are like a volleyball,
if you can still work
everyone will aim for you,
never ending babysitting job.

When you are 70
you are like a football
A will kick it to B,
B will kick it to C
C will kick it to D,
Children are grown up
and you have grown old,
no one wants you any more.

When you are 80
you are like a golf ball,
a swing of the club..
wherever you land is
where you perhaps will
end your life !!

Therefore, when you are in you 
fifties and sixties,
pay attention and take good care of
your own self and do not let your self
be tortured by life or other people.

Feel free to buy what you want and
eat all you want, do not hesitate!
Do not be stingy to yourself.

Or..By the time you realise, you'd
be gone into the Golf Ball Era ...!!

Love yourself and be kind to 
yourself dedicated to all Senior Citizens.