Do you know that BPA being used in many production in most of our daily use products including paper .........

What is BPA ?

Bisphenol A, commonly called   ( BPA) is found to be TOXIC to human beings in many ways. It  is one of the ingredients used as a low cost  image developer in the production of   Thermal Paper Rolls.    BPA is also an ingredient used in the production of specialized plastics like polycarbonates.

Many developed countries have banned its use or set strict safe level limits to its use as a raw material.   In 2010,  Canada  declared the chemical  TOXIC and prohibits its use on food contact materials.  EU,  USA  and many other developed  countries are advocating use of  BPA  free thermal papers.  Japan  has completely stopped using BPA as an ingredient in making thermal papers.  It is a matter of time that only BPA free thermal paper rolls will be legally permitted for use in the industry.

Thermal paper rolls are widely used in association with thermal printers as in POS  Receipts, Ticketing, Eftpos receipts, ATM receipts, Fax paper, Medical diagnostic tapes, General use self adhesive labels  and Barcode labels etc.


Unlike  plastics which bind the  BPA strongly in the resins  (but still subject to gradual breakdown and leaching),  the danger of  BPA in the thermal paper lies  in its  loose state of combination with other chemicals binded together by a carrier, a very fine grade of Kaolin powder. The slurry is coated over the paper surface to form thermal paper.

This surface coating of thermal paper is fragile and can be easily rubbed off , or disintegrate over time.  A wet hand/finger can pick up more of the coating as compared to dry fingers. This  TOXIN could be ingested if hands are not washed.  Also tearing, cutting and handling of the thermal paper would invariably cause destruction of coating,  making these  TOXIC loose particles  airborne  and get inhaled.


1)  BPA  is a Endocrine Disruptor meaning that it affects the hormone balance in human body.

2) Obesity may be related to BPA exposure.

3) Brain development in fetal and infant may be affected.

4) Increased risk of Breast Cancer

5) Increased risk of Prostate Cancer

6) Effects on Reproductive System.

These are just a very brief summary of some possible effects of BPA on human body.  For those who wish to learn more about BPA,  please visit Wikipedia and many associated articles under Google search “BPA”