Amazing or what, only in Australia...............

1. The NSW Government  of Australia encourages people to move to the country by offering eligible people of  $7,000 in helping you in the relocating.

Move out of the city and into a new you

Whether you’re looking for a new start, to retire or just to inject a bit of excitement into your life, there has never been a better time to make the move to the NSW coast or country. You could even be eligible for $7,000 to help with your move. There are heaps of opportunities, lifestyles and activities for individuals, for couples and for families. The only thing left to find is the place that’s right for you.

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2. $1.00 / week house rental in the country area to attract new tenants.

Move to the country for fresh air, a slower pace and a farming lifestyle!

Rentafarmhouse was a bold scheme to reinvigorate the small rural community of Cumnock (population 500) by renting vacant farmhouses for $1 a week to attract new families to the district and save their school bus, increase school enrolment and strengthen their town located in Central NSW.

15 other towns and communities around Australia have since adopted the Rentafarmhouse scheme rather than adapt to a declining population.

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