The men are prepared to be stoned.

A woman was whipped 100 times for having sex outside of marriage in Indonesia

A man collapses in agony after being flogged in Indonesia

Local Aceh Sharia enforcer, Syahrizal Abbas, claimed the new laws were being brought in to "safeguard human dignity."

Last year, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolikah, made headlines when he announced that he would impose sharia law (in three phases) in his Southeast Asian sultanate. The proclamation drew criticism from countless human rights advocates, who labeled the move “draconian” and “medieval.” Celebrities such as Jay Leno, John Legend, and Richard Branson (to name a few) openly protested the decision, with many calling for a boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is owned by the Sultan. Despite the opprobrium, the Sultan confidently declared the move a “great success.”


Since then, the first phase of sharia law, which include fines and prison sentences for “crimes” such as pregnancies outside of wedlock, propagating religions other than Islam, and not attending mandatory Friday prayers, has been rolled out. Brunei is currently in the process of implementing the second phase, which will introduce harsh punishments such as floggings and cutting off hands for property offenses.


The third and final phase, which will be implemented later this year or in 2016, will introduce executions, including stoning, for offenses like adultery, abortion, homosexuality/sodomy, and even blasphemy. Bolikah has defended his decision, saying that it was “not for fun, but to obey Allah’s command as written in the Quran.” Unfortunately, the leader of Brunei evidently has not thought through the long-term implications that imposing sharia law will have on his country.

Note :  the core root of crimes are from the society itself,  the basic necessity if no food people will start stealing,  the authorities should provide more jobs, open land for farming, moral education from the very young age and be a true responsible "government".