Everyone should know what happened to U.S. Ambassador Stephens
These are pictures you will not see in the Obama media. Our US Ambassador to Libya being dragged through the streets before being murdered. Here is our American Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, diplomat, father, husband, and American Citizen, being dragged through the streets of Benghazi, and your President does NOTHING! . . . except go to Las Vegas for a fund raiser, plus two more today.

There are multiple reports from several journalists (published in The Washington Times among others) including Lebanese journalists on site, that Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was raped, tortured, killed and raped again (the first reports were in Arabic, later translated in to English: Tayyar News Service in Lebanon). The Libyan Free Press is reporting he was sodomised, an ultimate insult in Islam. This poor generous-hearted 52 year old man, with a heart for the Middle East and the people of Libya, has truly, literally (and horribly) died for his country; a completely innocent man.
He went missing for 8 hours while being moved from the embassy to a safe house. The vermin caught him by killing his security. They knew the planned escape route and destination. It was a well planned orchestrated ambush torture murder.
Best Regards