Drink more than 2 cups of milk =480c.c. Stone calculus of upper body more water can be prevented, but how can drink mineral water drinking stones?

A man doing business in the Mainland, on the local drinking water health concerns, to buy mineral water to drink every day, but throat swelling, continuous pain in swallowing of saliva, check to find out was saliva stones; says, is likely to be high calcium content, add this Taiwanese individuals physique relationships, only stones.

In daily life, mineral waters have the potential to cause not just stones, the people want to increase calcium absorption, drink plenty of milk may also be a problem, because the milk with the alkaline foods, for people with renal insufficiency may lead to kidney stones.

Many concentrated alcohol milk calcium, big mouth big drink very well, do you think no harm? Look out for a day more than 2 cups of 480c.c., may cause the stones, because the milk with the alkaline foods, both under, for people with kidney failure, instead of against. New kidney doctor Jiang Shoushan: "If the renal dysfunction, these calcium-containing things to drink, first, you see blood calcium is higher up, he began to appear more urine will feel thirsty, not appropriate to add moisture, throughout the crystallization of calcium, kidney stones.

"People have a habit of eating calcium, correct eating should eat calcium, milk will be cut in half, because calcium 500 mg, equivalent to the recommended intake by half a day for adults; more water can reduce the stones, but if you drink plenty of water, pay careful attention!

One Taiwanese worry about water quality on the Mainland, to buy mineral water to drink every day, 3 years later, throat swelling, salivary stones. Xinguang Chen Weiquan, Director of hospital oral surgery: "part of normal eating and drinking, is also to be balanced, not is to drink mineral water, or drinks containing high calcium components. "
Doctors recommended calcium-containing beverages to drink less, and eating part, too little water to drink, eat too much meat, too much animal protein, too salty, which will cause more calcium in the urine, contributing to a stone, stone physique people itself easily, but strained nerves. (Translated by Bing)