Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park, China 

Tianmen Mountain
, located 8km away from Zhangjiajie city center, is the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie, with the main peak of 1518.6 meters (4982.3 feet) high. The world marvelous scene called Tianmen Cave, meaning a door to the heaven in Chinese, makes this mountain famous. The comparative plat mountain top, the well-preserved original forest, the rare plants and species, the natural bonsai in everywhere form into a splendid picture. People entitle this mountain as the most beautiful flower garden in the sky and the fairy land in the boundary of heaven.

Tianmen Mountain Cableway

  • Tianmen Mountain Cable Car is the longest passenger cableway in the world with a length of 7200 meters (23,622 feet) and a height gap of 1277 meters (4,190 feet).
  • It is running at a speed of 6m / s, with a maximum capacity of 1000 passengers per hour, one way, and a biggest gradient of 38 degrees. 
Tianmen Mountain Cable car will give you an unforgettable memory in your life. It is one of the few cable cars within China with a height gap over 1000 meters. The local gradient from the middle station to the upper station is as high as 38 degrees, which is rare in the world. It is the cableway with the largest local gradient as well as one with most brackets in China.

The first mountain tunnel elevator in the world, Tianmen Mountain Tunnel Elevator was officially opened to the public on April 25, 2015. The total height is 897 meters (2943 feet), with a lifting height of 340 meters (1115 feet). The one-way maximum capacity is 3600 persons per hour. Thanks for the elevator, visitors now can go from the Tianmen Cave to the top of Tianmen Mountain, and have a stunning panoramic view of the mountains.