Once a poor man asked God, “Why am I so poor?”
The God answered, “You are poor because you do not learn to give.”

So the poor man said, “But how can I practice charity if I’m not having anything to give?”

“Who said you have nothing with you to give, I have equipped you with five treasures that you can share with others. “

First, you have your face. You can share your smiles with others.  It’s free and awesome, and has an amazing impact on others..

Second, you have your eyes; you can look at others with eyes full of love, kindness and care… Genuinely you can impact millions, make them feel so good.

Third, you have your mouth.  With this mouth you can say nice things , praise or comfort others.  Talk good; make them feel valued, spread joy and positivity. 

Then, you have a heart, with your loving heart you can wish your happiness to others, make others feel a bundle of emotions, touch their livers.

Last treasure that you posses is your body.  With this body you can do many good things to others, help the people who need, help is not money, a small caring gesture can light up lives.

Use these five treasures and become rich.

Quote :  Taker can eat better but only Givers can sleep better.  Have a blessed day.

p/s  This beautiful ‘Quote’  was circulated on What’s App and I managed to Google online  and  found a website where people were arguing the original of this ‘Quote’ came from back in a few years ago.  As a reader, I find this ‘Quote’ is a naked truth of what we human now is lack of  whether this ‘Quote’ is from teaching of Buddha, Christian, Jewish, Muslim etc.  Each person should read, digest and reflect each word what is really means to you.  By it’s quality not It’s quantity !

We always  have been misled and pre-judged the value of a person by their wealth, the look and makeup,  dresses and  jewelry, expensive food and expensive holiday, skin colour and  religions, gentle and sex preference  etc. 

If everyone practices the ‘Free’ things that we have to each other ,  the world should be a peaceful place for everyone to live in. 

Our society and environment has changed into a danger world . The recent wars among countries and ethnic groups, unrest in some parts of the society, viruses, political coups, corruptions, world climate changes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions etc  

All this happened could destroy and eliminate all living things on earth including human being, animals, plants , the air we breathe, drinking water and food chains.  

How long does it takes for all of us to wake up and to learn from our past histories !!

 “Quote’ to our world leaders, parents, students, law enforcement, teachers, children, families, neighbors, workmates, bosses etc.