*Subject:* Sweet Potato Leaves
You can stir fry sweet potato leaves with onion and garlic and add some

 soya sauce... delicious !

Sweet Potato Leaves (Cantonese: fun she yip) Kills 94% of Prostate Cancer
Cells in Vitro. An extract of sweet potato leaves was discovered to be
extremely toxic to prostate cancer cells in this study, killing 94% of them in vitro & slowing the growth of prostate tumors in mice by 75%

research has shown that these super-greens are also active against breast
cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer & leukemia. And the
health benefits of these greens are not just for the lab. One study in

Taiwan showed that eating at least 100 grams per week of this super
vegetable decreased lung cancer risk by up to 57%!

In other studies, sweet
potato leaves boosted immunity (T lymphocytes & natural killer cells) in
humans & lowered blood sugar in mice with Type II diabetes. And if you need
an energy boost, sweet potato leaves could be just the vegetable for you

A recent study showed it significantly relieved fatigue in mice, increased
exercise capacity & even boosted muscle glycogen levels! Why are these
greens so powerful? They are an excellent source of potent antioxidants
called polyphenols, including the unique & powerful caffeoylquinic acids, &
anti-cancer peptides.
And alkaline diet fans take note: these greens are
one of the most alkalizing vegetables out there, delivering 400% of the
alkalizing power of pure lemon juice, ounce for ounce.

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