The American brags, "We vote in the morning. In the afternoon we know who the President is".                 
The Chinese says nonchalantly, "Isn't that dumb? Maybe not. Today we vote but last year we already knew      
who the President would be".                                                                                 
With a contemptuous look, the North Korean says to the American and Chinese, "We don't have to vote. We      
know who since we were little kids".                                                                         
The bewildered Japanese says. "We have been voting time and again but we never know who is going to be the Prime Minister".                                                                                             
The Russian smiles faintly, "When our President was tired of being the President, he changed to be the       
Prime Minister. When he became tired of being the Prime Minister, he could be the President again".          
The Cuban doubtfully looked at everyone and asked meekly, "Brothers, you mean it is possible to change the leader?"                                                                                                                                                                                                               
The Iraqi loudly responded, "Can be changed. Certainly. If we don't, the Americans will change for you."