Husband: Mom called and said she is coming tomorrow. Her train will reach here by morning 4 'o clock.
Wife: What!!  She came just 4 months back only, right?. Why is she coming again..?  
Tomorrow is Sunday. I thought of getting up late but your mom has to come on a Sunday itself and that too at 4'o clock.

Where will she get an auto at that time? I will not make any warm breakfast...she will have to do with biscuits. The kids will also not go to play as she spoils them by getting 
chocolates, toffees and pastries for them. 
How many days is she going to stay..??

Husband: Not my mom, your mom is coming!! 

Wife: Wow!!...Really!!..Great mom is coming. It's been almost 2 months since she last visited.

Listen na..I have the number of the auto driver...please call him and tell him to reach the station on time tomorrow morning.

It's good tomorrow is Sunday, I will get up early and make hot breakfast. She will get cakes and  cookies for the kids and they will play and enjoy their grandmother. Hope she stays at least a fortnight.