Malaysian Jokes

 1.  Midnight, Najib went for supper and bumped into a robber.
      Robber: "Give me all your money!!"
      Najib was very angry: "I am the honorable Prime Minister!"
      Robber: "Well, then ... return all my money."
2.  One fine day, Najib, Muyhiddin and parliament members were on the
     way to a meeting where they all crashed in an accident and was rushed
     to the hospital. When the reporters at the hospital asked, the  doctor shook
     his head "We have done our best to rescue the PM but  ..."
     Reporters:"How about Muyhiddin?"
     Doctor:"We were unable to rescue him either ..."
     Reporters:"Who have you saved?"
     The doctor was excited:" Malaysia  is now saved!"

3.  Samy Vellu visited the psychiatric hospital. All the patients cheered "Hurray"
     for him but there is one patient who ignored Samy.
     Samy: "Why does he not welcome me?"
     Doctor: "He is now normal and waiting to be discharged today."

4.  Election campaign time -- car load of politicians were involved in a car accident.
     A farmer saw and rushed to the scene but all the passengers were dead.
     He buried all the passengers.Few days later, the police in charge found the farmer
     and asked where all the politicians were and was told that they had all been buried.
     Police: "Did they all die?"
     Farmer: "Hmmm.....Dr.Mahathir was screaming that he is still alive when I buried him"
     Police: "Then why did you bury him !!? "
     Farmer: "You know, Dr.M never tells the truth."