KLIA (Malaysia international airport)

I appreciate your effort in disseminating information to your close
friends. I would like to provide you with my “first hand” experience
at KLIA yesterday.

I returned from Hong Kong on flight MH on July 2012 which
landed in KLIA at about.  Disembarkation and baggage clearance
was prompt with no hassles.

When I arrived at the Immigration “autogate” there was a queue. There
was no officer in the immigration booth manning the gates.

I noted about seven Pakistani nationals; all in their national
costumes, hogging all the auto gates (passport auto scanning for

Malaysian passport) only.

They were struggling to put their passports in the passport reader and get their

fingerprints verified.

The Malaysians in the queue started commenting in loud voices:

-       “This lane is for Malaysian Passports only”

-       “Please join the other queue for foreign passports” etc.

Some, thinking that they were foreign workers, got impatient and spoke
with raised voices:

-       “ Barisan ini untuk Passport Malaysia” ( this lane is for Malaysia Passport)

-       “Tolong pergi ke kaunter international passport” etc.
           (please queue at international passport)

These gentlemen stood firm; oblivious to the comments, speaking in
their native language and giving instructions to each other on how to
use the reader. As more Malaysians arrived, the queue got longer.

I broke out of the queue and checked the passports – and they ALL had
Malaysian Passports. On enquiring, they responded in broken English
that they had just arrived on flight PK 894 from Peshawar. All the
Malaysians in the queue were shocked.

Disgusted, I walked to the Priority Counter, (I had a Priority Pass)
got clearance and asked the Immigration Officer how these people had
obtained their Malaysian passports. He gave me a guilty smile. He also
organised for an officer to help clear the line at the “autogate”.

On leaving, I asked the Customs Officer the same question and his
response was “Ini Biasa”.  (nothing surprising)

I have heard a lot about foreigners with Malaysian IC’s getting
treatment in our Government Hospitals. A discussion with doctors;
especially those manning the Emergency Wards, will confirm this fact.
However, my experience yesterday confirms that something is
drastically wrong in the implementation of policies in our country.

I will leave it to right thinking Malaysians to form an opinion on my
experience yesterday.