Warning "SERIOUS"...about Luggage & Drug in Airport. 

WARNING about luggage and drugs in airport - SERIOUS REAL LIFE WARNING

I just heard over lunch from a senior police officer who used to look
after Drugs Enforcement.  He said that the current trick is for either : 

1)  Slip drugs into your luggages at the luggage belt, especially
 soft luggages with many external side pockets, and let you carry it out through Customs, and get from you outside if you get through.  Many unsuspecting passengers have been arrested this way. 
PREVENTION :  Use hard suitcases with no side pockets.

2)  Sometimes there will be old lady who will pretend not to be able to carry the luggage and ask you to help carry out through Customs. 
PREVENTION :  Never help anyone carry luggages out.     

He said that these practices are mostly in China, India, Sydney, and
 several other airports.  Many Thais are in jail overseas and many in 
China have been executed!
Please be very careful.