Here is a good health tip you may find it useful!


Following is a testimony from a friend of mine,

My mom-in-law had tremendous bleeding in her bladder recentlycaused by
radiotherapy she received years ago.

The bleeding was so bad that huge blood clogs formed in her bladder and
she suffered in pain trying to urinate the clog even though it was soft.

Also the view of the toilet bowl after she urinate will shock you. It is
like a murder scene.

Her haemoglobin count dropped to around 5 (normal 12). Doctor said there
is nothing they can do except for giving her blood transfusion and wait
for the bleeding to stop by it self.

She bleeds like this for about a week. What a stupid western treatment
approach! Finally a friend recomment fresh lotus root blended juice.

Her bleeding reduced tremendously on first take. Second take on the next
day totally stopped it.

Yes, juice it raw. Add in an apple to make it taste better for people who
are not used to the taste.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) raw lotus root is good
for stopping bleediing and cooked root is good for replenishing blood. The
root joint however is good for stopping bleeding even if cooked.

One last advice, don't take raw lotus root or root joint during
menstruation time or it will disrupt the whole process.

This simple root plant is so healing. Next time you see it in a Chinese or 
Japanese dish, you may want to try it. It tastes good too!
   Blood building
Stops internal bleeding
Relieves constipation
Stops diarrhea 

Boosts energy and immune system

Protects against heart diseases

Protects the respiratory system  

Eliminates mucus accumulation as in the case of sinus, nasal congestion, asthma, bronchitis, cold and cough.

You can buy fresh lotus roots from the Chinese grocery stores.