Super concentrated MSG, 1 bottle can make 100 pots of soup.

This is frightening. Latest "poison" from China .
Better don't eat out so much. I think most restaurants in
Chinatowns all over the world would be using it.

I knew this from the
Hong Kong news a week ago but never thought it would be found in Toronto that quick.  Anyhow be extra cautious when taking our food.... For those who don't understand Chinese , there is a new kind of "MSG" in liquid form called "Yat Take Heung".


Restaurants in China nowadays use them to add to their base
soups/sauces/gravy etc.  This new MSG contains a lot of artificial
chemicals and will cause a lot of damage to our bodies right away.
The written message below says some people in Toronto had suffered after eating at a small restaurant in Scarbourough, Toronto . There was profuse bleeding in the mouth and the throats, tongues and mouth would be swollen but I don't know whether it is caused by this new MSG. Just watch the video.  I think the video is true because I've seen it on TVB news. 


 This is terrible!!!

Pretty soon 
一滴香 may be used in PERTH, San Francisco , New York , Los Angeles , London , Paris , Houston , Melbourne ,.... Until the governments step in to take action.  We don't know which restaurants are using it.