An Oregon woman claims she was fired from her bank job after helping a struggling customer get home to his family on Christmas Eve by giving him $20 of her own money.


According to the report, James said she received permission from her supervisor to drive out.

“I handed him $20 in cash, said ‘Merry Christmas’ and went right back to work,” she said.

But days later, on Dec. 31, she was informed by a service manager that her job had been terminated because of her “unauthorized interaction with a customer.” James told the paper that her supervisor was also fired, although this was not confirmed.

In a statement to the New York Post, a spokesperson explained that James was fired after putting “herself and the bank at risk.”  “Ms. James was terminated following an internal investigation into her interactions with a customer. During this review it was determined Ms. James did not use the available solutions to remedy the customer’s situation and instead put herself and the bank at risk with her actions.”


Note :  After reading the article it really make me to have a second though what the world will be if everyone
behave as cold as the banker who only interested to protect his own interest than to be in a more human behavior.

1. The action of the teller has not render any danger / damages to the bank because the incident was happened outside her working environment. .  

2.  The banker only giving an assumption 'risk' which has no evidence that any 'risk' the banker might be suffered 
in due course of the action.

3. The teller and supervisor action should have not render  the termination by the banker but a mere  discipline notice.

4.  In any job there is no regulation that restricting  staff to excuse themselves for an emergency issue or to attend
people who in need of our help whether in our workplace, on the road, on train and in the public area.