Suggestion: Have zero expectation (empty your mind) when watching this video. That's just to see if you also get your emotions instantly triggered by what you both hear and see in the following video clip:

Note:  Life is short,  do not regret only after your loved ones passed away...  cherish them while they are still around, even they are not as smart as you,  but they gave you all they had - to make you their hero..
Life is not meant to be smooth and easy, remember this three words : Challenges will make you stronger, Tears will bring you joy, Patience will make you grow wiser.

Together it will bring you success and happiness in future.

Never try to burn any relationships, it takes years to form and
it takes generation to build.  Cherish and forgives is the key words.

Your loved ones will always pray for your good health, happiness, they will be always by your side when you poor, in sickness,when you down, when you cry, when you fall..

Everyday, spare a little of 5 minutes, refresh back the sweet old memories, measure how far you have achieved.. with the help of
everyone around you. Rome does not built in one day...

Bitterness can only pollute and kill more brain cells, and it is possible for someone to turn into insane and non productive.

Hope after you have finished listening to the song, it can bring
you loves, joy and peace in you mind.

Do not let the whole world  cry for you....

May Peace be with you always.

A note to my dear nephew Phillip, with love always....