1.  Hospital ICU packed with Coronavirus patients 

2.  Time has come to give priority to young coronavirus patients instead of patients age above 65 at ICU due to overwhelmed virus outbreak and lack of ventilators, beds, hygiene resources etc in the hospital.

3.  Coronavirus has destroyed families and the purpose of human life.

4.  Cities in lock down, only essential businesses are allow to open eg. pharmancy, supermarket, petrol station etc.

5.  Business owners destroying their fresh produce due to the lock down.

6.  Beach goers ignoring social distancing guidelines.

7. No large group visits or gatherings, including social activities or entertainment during Coronavirus outbreak.

8. Cracking down on the number of people who can gather in public in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

P/s  At this stage, there is no cure or vaccine for coronavirus, we have to prepare going for a long while before getting back to our normal life.

Coronovarius already break up families, create social unrest and the whole world is in a potential economy melt down if our government is not in head of the virus.

Beside practicing good hygiene, wearing mask, social distance and self isolate at home;

Health advice to improve our immune system is also help to fight coronavirus,

Also practice good healthy lifestyle, exercise, regular gargle throat with salt water, eat more vegetable and fruits, avoid deep fried food, drink plenty of lemon water, hot soup and hot tea. 

Hope it may help to curb the initial coronavirus attack, if suffer dry cough and  fever you should immediate sought help from hospital.  Take care.