"  Health  Benefits of Consuming Dates  "

1) Dates are free from cholesterol and contain very  low fat. Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals.

2)  They are rich source of protein, dietary fiber and rich in  vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5 along with vitamin A1 and C.
3)It  helps improve the digestive system as it contains soluble and  insoluble fibers and different kinds of amino acids.

4)  Dates are great energy boosters as they contain natural sugars  like glucose, sucrose and fructose. To get more advantage add  dates to milk and make it a very nutritious  snack.

5)Dates are very low in calories and are  extremely suitable for health conscious people.

6)  Dates are rich in potassium and reduced in sodium. This helps  regulate a healthy nervous system. Researchers have revealed  the fact that potassium intake up to a certain extent can  reduce risk of stroke.

7) Dates also help in lowering  of the LDL cholesterol.

8) Dates have high iron content  and are very useful in treating anemia. The patients can eat  many dates for better advantages.

9) Dates also have  fluorine that slows down the process of tooth  decay.

10) It helps people suffering from constipation.  Soak dates overnight and take it along with water to have  added advantage.

11) Dates help in weight gain and are  beneficial for those who suffer from over slimming  problem.

12) Dates are excellent for alcoholic  intoxication.Cures abdominal cancer.

13) It also helps  in improving eye sight and helps in curing night blindness as  well.

"The best thing is that it does not have any side  effect on the body and is completely natural as well as it  works better than medicine."