Have a good laugh ...

1.  What is 'Generation Gap" ?
Father used to walk 20 minutes to save $20
Son spends $20 to save 20 minutes

(Surprisingly both are correct ..!!)

2 Cultural Gap
When there is power failure in America, they call the power house.
In Japan, they test the fuse, But in some countries, they look at their 
neighbors' house.

3. Sense of Responsibility
A man goes to the library n asks for a book on Suicide...
Librarian looks at him and says :
"hello, who will return the book ??"

4.  Grandfather to Grandson
Go hide !  Your teacher is coming as you bunked school today !
Grandson : You go hide..I told her you passed away !!

5.  Sister to brother :  What are you going to give grandma on 
her birthday ??
Brother : A football
Sister :  But grandma does not play !
Brother :  On my birthday she gave a spiritual songs ...