Ali: Oi,  where d halal trolley? 

Worker: Oh, d halal trolly section is there in d right corner. 

Ali: Ok, where do u sell d non halal stuff? I want 2 know so that I don't go anywhere near them. 

Worker: Don't worry sir, we have a machine that will detect Muslims n non Muslims. So Muslims will not be allowed 2 enter. 

Ali: Good, I like that. 

Worker: Happy that u chose 2 shop with us. Our store is fully Syariah compliant. 

                      After 1/2 an hour. 

Worker: Excuse me sir, u can't queue here, this is a non halal counter. 

Ali: What do u mean? 

Worker: D cashier is not a Muslim. Counters 9,10,12,15, n 19 r halal counters sir. 

Ali: Hmm, thk u. 

Cashier: That will be 157.85 sir. 

Ali: Hmm, here, 50, 50,50, 5, 1, 1 aaannnddd 85 sen. 

Cashier: Sorry sir I am afraid I can't touch your money sir because our scanner detected non syariah compliant notes n syillings sir. 

Ali: What is this nonsense, what do u mean my money is syariah non compliant. 

Cashier: This 50 n that 50 has pork DNA, that smaller notes r tainted with alchohol n d scanner detected something not right with that 50.

Ali: What? Is it a fake note? 

Cashier: No sir, it read SUMBER RASUAH.

Note :  When someone wants to prove his authority and  turns into an extremist without common sense !!