HWAN CHOO HEOK (Hokkien) or FUN SHEE YIP (Cantonese) Can cure Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

(where the retina becomes loose and degenerate at the center, occuring especially in the elderly and can lead to blindness)

If you are those who don't have a liking for sweet potatoes you have other choices,
but if you don't like sweet potato leaves you are missing something not many choices can be at par with.

It is quite rare to find an edible phyto food-on-the-table which is of high food value, edible from its tubers, stems, buds and leaves needs comparatively little care while growing, matures quickly, high food productivity per square feet space, easy to store, and have a quite palatable taste. This description fits the sweet potato. Do not underestimate the 'cheapy' sweet potato leaves (after all many farmers discard them after harvesting the tubers). Modernization and the convenience of city life have nearly pushed the sweet potato leaves (SPL) into the attic to collect dust while many medical practitioners collect monies from disease sufferers who could be better off just putting SPL into their regular diet. SPL can generate a nice smoothie or greens juice for your alkalization needs. without you having to sacrifice spending on other things because it is very affordable and yet does not compromise your health. Hey, where else can you get such a deal. It is a humble but rich food which should deserve the respect from those who understand and require the need for raw phyto greens to complement their daily health.

For therapeutic purposes, it is recommended that you take the raw green juice of SPL. The best way to ingest the goodness of SPL is to take the juice/smoothie of the raw phyto green so that you get the action of the chlorophyll and all the other goodness of the phyto green on your body. Just use any blender which can turn the leaves into pulp. 1) If you use only the SPL leaves, blending will turn them into a smoothie. You will find that blended SPL leaves have a gummy texture, somewhat like blended bananas. This smoothie is not too hard to drink. For a savory taste, just add lemon or lime before blending; you can also top it up with blackstrap molasses. 2) If you use the leaves and stalks of SPL, the smoothie is not as smooth as in (1) and not as palatable too; because your tongue can feel the fiber and your throat does not feel okay. However, if you need only the fiiltered juice, just put everything in, leaves + leaf stalks. Filter the blended pulp and drink immediately. Raw phyto-greens are especially potent in its therapeutic effect if you used them within 1-2 days after purchase from the market. Later than 1-2 days (even with cool storage in the fridge), the potency can drastically be reduced. If you have a garden, organically grown SPL is the best. However, don’t bother with ‘organic’ SPL if you are on a therapy diet, because the popular notion that inorganically grown SPL is a cause for diseases is not as as urgent as your immediate need: To alkalize your body against pathogenic and toxigenic fungi.
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The sweet potato leaves are rich in Vitamin A (ideal for skin care!), fiber, and micro nutrients. They’re healthy for the blood.

If your
blood lacks redness, or if you have
low-blood pressure, make sweet potato leaves a regular salad side dish. If you often lack sleep, eat them often. They’re also so good for remedying constipation.
wanna loose weight? The leaves of sweet potato are ideal. And it’s cheap. Overall, people in Asia with weak bodies and ill health are encouragedto often eat this herbal veggie. It improves health in many ways.