Do You Want To Live / Visit To  Malaysia ?

Please think twice before you thinking of live or travel to visit Malaysia in your next stop.

There are numbers of robberies happening in Malaysia especially in the PJ and Klang Valley

area.  Should the government is ignoring the pleading of the people and not going to improve the security

of the country, more pictures and news will be posted on 'youtube'  and internet to show you the

live situation in Malaysia...........a wake up call..............

Dear All,

Please be very alert now what with all the crimes that's been happening not just at shopping malls and along the streets, but also at our homes. My name is Jennifer and I am writing this so that we should be more aware and proactive.

Two days ago, on Thursday evening 19th July, I was going back into my house to fetch my handphone which I have accidentally left behind. The time was around
6.50 pm and the day was still quite bright.

I was already inside the house porch when a white Myvi (car plate number WSU 8794) stopped just outside my front gate and suddenly 5 young Indian men emerged from the car. I saw one of them holding a big stick and another carrying a parang and immediately realised that they were robbers and were coming after me.

The one with the stick rushed through the unlocked gate and came towards me, even before I had time to take out my house key. He raised the stick as he approached me and instinctively I grabbed hold of a rattan chair that's at the porch and held the chair against my body in an attempt to ward off the blow.

All the advice and tips on how to act in such a situation flew off from my mind in that instant; and all I could think of was that my 2 daughters who were inside the house at that moment should not come out or that these gang of 5 should not be allowed into the house as my daughters were inside.

Then the stick came down on one side of my shoulder. He then grabbed my handbag and ran off, along with his companions, to their car. However, this is not the end of the horrible night.

Just 3 doors away, my neighbour and her daughter were just getting into their house and most likely would have heard my screams. They paused along the road and peered towards my house, and that's when the men saw them and rushed towards them with weapons in their hands. As these two women had no time to run back into the house nor get back into their car, they tried to run down the road as they were chased by these 5 men. The one with the parang slashed the mother on the head while the others took the handbags. ( She was rushed to the hospital and is now back home with 8 stitches on her head,but she is due for a head scan soon).

Shortly after the second attack, a police car came by, most likely due to an emergency call by one of the neighbour's son who had witnesssed all these happenings from an upstairs window.

The police informed us that they had just came from a robbery attack incident in Jalan Tempinis, Bangsar Baru, which is not is not too far away from our place at Bukit Bandaraya. The description of the robbers ( and their car ) fit those men who attacked me and my neighbours.

What that meant was that these 5 men gang had been on a robbing/attack spree that day and had committed 3 attacks within half an hour. God only knows how many more attacks they had committed earlier or later that day.

It has been been two days and those police inspectors who came to investigate further the next day, told us that they are still unable to track down these criminals inspite of our detailed descriptions of the robbers and their vehicle.
Please take every precaution possible and not take anything for granted. Even guys are helpless when confronted with a group of young men with such weapons, what more women. Please do take care.