Do You Want To Live / Visit To  Malaysia ?

Please think twice before you thinking of live or travel to visit Malaysia in your next stop.

There are numbers of robberies happening in Malaysia especially in the PJ and Klang Valley

area.  Should the government is ignoring the pleading of the people and not going to improve the security

of the country, more pictures and news will be posted on 'youtube'  and internet to show you the

live situation in Malaysia...........a wake up call..............

Crime Spree In Bangsar On 19th July 2012 <>

Folks I am blogging this comment by a reader because our neighbour in the Terasek area in Bangsar Baru was robbed by a group of Indians in a similar fashion just last month. Our neighbour was in the front yard  in the evening. A car pulled up and a well dressed Indian guy stepped out and pretended to ask for directions. When our neighbour spoke to them, one guy pushed open the front gate, pulled out a parang and grabbed her gold chain and took off. This report by a 'Jennifer' from Bangsar sounds similar. Here is what they say:

Anonymous said...
A friend and her neighbours were beaten/slashed and robbed 3 days ago and this is her account below. We should do our civic duty to circulate this email :

3 Robbery Attacks By The Same Gang of 5, All Within Half An Hour at Bangsar & Bukit Bandaraya