Do You Want To Live / Visit To  Malaysia ?

Please think twice before you are thinking of living or traveling to  Malaysia in your next stop.

There has been numbers of robberies happening in Malaysia especially in the PJ and Klang Valley

area.  Should the government is ignoring the pleading of the people and not going to improve the security

of the country, more pictures and news will be posted on 'youtube'  and internet to show you the

live situation in Malaysia...........a wake up call..............

This is getting too close to home.

10.30pm last night, our neighbour at the end of our road was robbed. Luckily, his son came back soon after and managed to scare the robbers away before they can do more serious harm. Chronology of ...incident; Sam, Ah Lek's son went out.

A few minutes later, his mom opened the small gate to throw rubbish. Ah Lek was inside watching. 5 men in ski masks, gloves and armed with parangs rushed in, and forced victims to close and lock the gate. Meanwhile a black Camry waited outside with one accomplice, engine running. Once inside they demanded cash, jewellery and car keys. Incidentally,

Sam who was nearby, played with his smartphone and happened to view his house cctv via live streaming, and saw the men rushing into his house. He turned back immediately and upon arriving he rammed into the Camry. The driver shouted to his friends to flee. Since the front gate was already locked, they broke the back door and ran out through the back alley.

The Camry at this time had drove off and was waiting at the bottom of the slope. To avoid suspicion the robbers discarded the parangs, ski masks and gloves at the end of the back alley. This was just behind my house.See more