Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
According to
 the police chief in 
Kuala Lumpur city, daylight robbery (snatch-bags robbery) in that city has increased by more than 57%.  There have been 1,010 out of 11,815 cases of all such reported crimes this year: ‘Don’t be careless’, by Ashwin Kumar, newsdesk@thesundaily.com, The Sun, Tuesday 5 December 2017. 

The same police chief said one contributing factor is people’s attitude. He said they are being careless and not vigilant with their belongings. 

In so doing, he may have resorted to victim blaming. It’s similar to claiming a woman gets raped because she had not been fully covered up. 
Psychologist William Ryan coined the phrase "blaming the victim" in his 1971 book Blaming the Victim  In the book, Ryan described victim blaming as an ideology used to justify racism and social injustice against black people in the United States ... Many different cultures across the globe have formulated different degrees of victim blaming for different scenarios such as rape, hate crimes, and domestic abuse. Victim blaming is common around the world, especially in cultures where it is socially acceptable and advised to treat certain groups of people as lesser.
Using this logic, perhaps people in KL should stay indoors as that would surely reduce snatch robberies in streets.  

More to the point, it’s implicit acknowledgment that the situation is not good for the image of Kuala Lumpur.  

He’s saying it has become so unlike many other cities in the world where people can go around without being in real fear of daylight robbery.  

Note : Please find out the root cause of the problem before blaming the victims.  Most of the Malaysian are staying in a gated housing estate with security guard to prevent unauthorized people to enter the estate.  Tourists are being robbed in daylight (see youtube),  problems overlooked...