Incident happened in Malaysia

Man was knocked unconscious and robbed on the road

Hi guys,

I have been largely unconscious since 8.45pm last night until I woke up around 12.30am in Damansara Specialist Hospital. I left office yesterday at 8.30pm and was driving to Damansara Uptown to ta-pau (take away)  some dinner for my family. Just before I reached 7-11 at Uptown, I was rammed from behind by another car. I got down to check the damage and before I knew it, I was hit hard on my face and shoulder and fell unconscious on the road itself.

I was found by a stranger who called my wife as I regained some consciousness to give him her handphone number. Apart from a bad bruise on my right cheeks and a very bad shoulder, I am ok, but still feel dizzy and the doctor who scanned me said that I might have had a mild stroke from the shock. The heart surgeon will come tomorrow for a check. At the moment, I really don't know if I am permanently scarred by this or if I can make a full recovery. My right leg seem not to have proper blood flow.  

No need to visit me, as I hope I can go back home tomorrow afternoon. Going marketing on 13-17 Sep looks not possible, but I'm sure Andrew can handle it fine.

I lost the company car which was stolen from me. I also lost my handphone, my hard drive, my office bag, and my iPad. At least I have my life, and I wasn't run over by any cars as I was lying unconscious on the road itself. I guess it's not my time yet to meet the Creator.

I am using my wife's iPad to write this email. I hope all will be well so that I can return to my normal routine again. Guys, do help me send this message to the rest of the research and sales team. Thanks and God Bless. Life is fragile. Treasure it. And for my fellow Malaysians, do take note that stopping to check bumper damage isn't really a good idea anymore, even for guys.