Coronavirus has sparked racist attacks on Asians 

Racist incidents are increasing while Trump promotes racism by calling coronavirus ‘the Chinese virus’

Here are some extracts incidents happened in world wide :

1.“Rosalind Chou was on a flight at the end of February, she saw a woman in front of her raise her phone up high, as if taking a selfie. The woman snapped a picture and sent it to a friend, whose reply showed up in big font on the woman’s phone: “Oh no, is he Chinese?”

Across the aisle from Chou was a man she later learned is Korean American and a woman sitting next to him, also of Asian descent. The woman quickly replied to her friend: “There’s a lot of them. Pray for me.” “

2.“I was standing in a supermarket aisle and moving my shopping trolley to make room for a middle-aged woman to pass when I overheard it “Asians..stay home… stop spreading the virus.”

3. “One recounted how a waiter had dumped change at his table before turning and quickly walking away, after my friend paid cash for a meal at a Melbourne restaurant.”

4. “Another, who wore a mask as a precaution at a shopping mall on Friday, had three teenagers tell her: "See you! Go and catch coronavirus".

None of these three people have been to China recently, nor have had contact with anyone confirmed or suspected of having coronavirus.”

5. “Sydney man SK Zhang, who has lived in Australia for the past 20 years, said since news of the epidemic broke, he has been getting stares on public transport and is increasingly worried about how the online vitriol will affect Chinese-Australian children.

He said he wears a face mask for his own protection and could sense tension when he stepped on the bus or train.

6. "Nobody has verbally abused me or anything, but I can feel the unwelcome stares coming from these people," he said.”

7. “Geelong teacher Andrew Branchflower, who recently returned from China with his family, said he was concerned about the online vitriol.

"My wife is Chinese. My kids take after mum. The speed at which the Yellow peril rhetoric has ratcheted up has made me alarmed and angry," he wrote on Twitter.”

8. “Jonathan Mok, a 23-year-old from Singapore, detailed on social media how he was allegedly attacked while walking down Oxford Street in central London on Feb. 24. He told the BBC that a group of four men told him “we don’t want your coronavirus in our country” as they punched and kicked him, and also said he may need an operation on a broken bone near his right eye as a consequence of the attack.”

9. On January 29, some in the Chinese community in Australia began an online campaign to protest what they see as "inappropriate" labelling of the coronavirus as a "Chinese" disease by two newspapers, The Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph.

The Herald Sun published a headline that referred to the "Chinese Virus Pandamonium", while The Daily Telegraph highlighted "China kids stay home" in their headlines.

10. "No one called the Ebola virus a Congo Virus! No one called BSE [bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease] as European Virus or French or American Virus! Please, show some respect and humanity!" wrote Anna Ou on the site.

11. “One family in Fresno, California, had their car tagged with the word “Fuck Asions … and coronavirus”. A middle school student in California was told by his teacher to go to the nurse’s office after he coughed, though he told his teacher that he choked on water and was not sick. When he asked his teacher why he didn’t ask non-Asian students to go to the nurse after coughing, he was told to “let it go and move on”.

12. “Parents at the Royal Children’s hospital have refused to let doctors and nurses of “Asian appearance” treat their children or are sitting away from other patients because of wrongful fears surrounding coronavirus, the hospital reports.

Staff and patients at a Melbourne hospital have been racially abused amid panic over the spread of the deadly coronavirus.”

13. “On March 5, it was reported that a Vietnamese art curator was dropped by an exhibitor at a U.K. art fair who claimed her participation would be seen as “carrying the virus.” An Nguyen shared a screenshot on social media of an email she had received from Raquelle Azran, a New York-based art dealer specializing in Vietnamese art, which cancelled Nguyen’s assistance at London’s Affordable Art Fair spring event. “

14. “In New York City, on the subway, a man sprayed an Asian passenger with Febreze and verbally abused him.”

15. “A Melbourne bus driver has been racially abused by a passenger amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The female passenger today allegedly accused the bus driver of bringing coronavirus to Australia from China.

"She called me corona, she called me China, she called me bringing the virus to Australia," the bus driver told 9News.

"It's terrible, it's disgusting." ”

16. “A teenage girl has been charged after she allegedly spat at and racially abused two women in Sydney's inner west.

Sophie Do, 23, and her sister Rosa, 19, were allegedly called 'Asian dogs' and a 'dumb wh***' as they crossed the street.” A woman in grey was captured on footage screaming: 'I've got a knife in my bag... you little Asian dog.' 

'Asian b**ch. You brought corona here. Eat a bat again you dumb wh***.'

As she walked away, the teenager allegedly spat towards the younger woman – hitting her in the eye – before leaving the scene, police said.”

17. “As soon as I walked into the train carriage, a whole family packed up their belongings and shuffled nervously to the next one. It happened on a train from Oxford to London earlier this month.”

18. “A child would not play with her Chinese classmate because she had been told by her parents all Chinese people were ill. Neither the child nor my friends have been in China over the past three months.”

19. Chou knows her experience was not an anomaly. Across the US, Chinese Americans, and other Asians, are increasingly living in fear as the coronavirus spreads across the country amid racial prejudice that the outbreak is somehow the fault of China. It is a fear grounded in racism, but also promoted from the White House as Donald Trump – and his close advisers – insist on calling it “the Chinese virus”. 

Trump’s use of the phrase sparked a chorus of criticism. Professional basketball player Jeremy Lin told Trump on Twitter that he should be instead supporting vulnerable people, “including those that will be affected by the racism you’re empowering”. Author Celeste Ng noted on Twitter that “Asians worldwide are facing actual harassment because of people who insist on calling the illness the Chinese virus”.

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p/s  The world has never stop discriminate one and another by their skin colour, religious, gender, sex preferences, races etc.

Some group of people tend to be easily influenced, blindly motivated and manipulated by hard-line leaders on certain issues for self benefits in politics, fame, money, ego etc.

World has to work together to save humanity, environment, animals, plants for mankind survival.  If we cannot resolved the

conflicts among us, a dark force will make used of this opportunity

to smear one another to create world wide chaos in order to achieve their agenda at the expense of individual, companies, association, races, religions, countries including one’s life.