Subject: RE: Chivasom Juices recipe



1)    Emerald Power (liver detoxifying, antioxidant, calming, circulatory stimulant, anti-inflammatory)

Spinach, fresh giner, green apple & rosemary leaves


2)    Green Goddess (liver detox, fluid eliminating, kidney cleansing)

Brocolli, kale, parsley, green apple & celery


3)    Energy burst (blood sugar balancing, immune boosting, liver detox)

Green apple, spinach, yellow bell pepper & cinnamon


4)    Minty Green (digestive aid, lymphatic cleansing, fluid eliminating, benefits the lungs)

Green apple, cucumber, kale, mint and celery


5)    Mother Earth (energizing, circulatory stimulant, immune boosting, liver detoxifying)

Beetroot, celery, carrot and ginger




Lemongrass – refreshing and light

Five Lemon – assist kidneys, nerves and hangover

Chamomile  - excellent for digestion, assists sleep

Ginger – digestion stimulant, anti-inflammatory

Scent of the Forest – digestion stimulant, anti-inflammatory

Peppermint – digestion and relieves acid stomach

Gingko – improves memory

Safflower – lower cholesterol and supports liver function

Senna – eases constipation

Bitter Aloe Vera – soothes the stomach

Roibois – assists nervous tension, digestion problem

Rosella tea – diuretic and detoxifying

Spica – rejuvenates and cleanses the liver, aids digestion and detoxification

Wheatgrass – intensive detoxifying, rebuilds and replenishes the bloodstream