Some of the known Modern China Engineering & Industrial Achievements 

The world’s largest mobile crane – XCMG Group 1,200 ton mobile crane


XCME’s massive 220 ton capacity AC drive electric haul truck used for large-scale mining


 China’s largest excavator – Sany Group 200 ton class hydraulic excavator

 The world’s largest coal-to-oil refinery – Ordos coal liquefaction 
demonstration project

The world’s largest nitrile rubber facility – Lanzhou Petrochemical Company 50,000 ton rubber facility


The king of blast furnaces – Shagang Group’s 5,860 cubic meter blast furnace


China’s largest container ship – COSCO OCEANIA 10200TEU container ship

The king of rolling mills – Anshan Iron and Steel Group’s 5,500mm heavy plate rolling mill

The world’s largest hydroturbine – Three Gorges 70,000 kilowatt 


 The world’s largest horizontal lathe – Wuhan Heavy Duty CNC Machine Tool Group’s DL250 5-meter heavy-duty horizontal boring lathe

 The world’s largest vertical press – Northern Heavy Industries Group Co. 36,000 ton ferrous metal vertical press

The world’s largest bridge crane – DHI.DCW Group Co. 20,000 ton 
capacity bridge crane


The world’s longest public bus – BRT high capacity, high speed public transport system

Vehicle with the most tires in the world

The world’s largest Ferris wheel – the Beijing Great Wheel, height 
208 meters, weighing 8000 tons


The world’s largest LED screen


The world's largest forging hydraulic machine - three Seizo, 10-ton key equipment for the aviation industry 


The world's second laser shock processing of production line - a major breakthrough in China's aviation manufacturing technology 

The world's biggest and the most precise rolling machine - 5.5 m heavy plate mill made by China First Heavy Industry CO. 

 Key equipment for the manufacturing of Marine Crankshaft- CNC "Tornado car" 
made by Qiqihar Heavy Industry Co.

The world's largest hydraulic machine - CITIC Heavy Industries, 18.5 thousand tons hydraulic press  

Tunnel Boring Machines Produced by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co Ltd


Cosco’s VLCC supertanker order just the tip of the iceberg


China's self-developed supertanker completed in Guangdong port

China builds mega deep sea oil rig