Note :  The recent bush fire in Australia especially in NSW has caused much destruction in  our nature, animals, lives, properties and livelihood. People suffered losses and health were affected.  We just have to ask what has gone wrong with our climate ??  The massive bush fire is also frequent happened in Canada, USA, South America  and some part of Europe countries .

Our weather has gone into extreme, either too cold or too hot.  The recent frequent  earthquake around the ring of fire is an indication of our unstable earth ground.

We , human is partly to be blamed for abusing our environment by means of mining, nuclear testing and pollution, over hunting has caused the distraction of eco cycle which might fast pushing the end of our civilization !!  

Another reason is our galaxy is traveled into an unknown milky way which might caused solar flares and magnetic field have in- direct impact to our earth climate in-stability.

Everyone has a duty of care to preserve our environment so that our world will not end in front of our very eyes..