Anti-cancer Clinacanthus Nutans( Sabah Snake Grass  /Daun Belalai Gajah /忧遁草)

Clinacanthus nutans is a species of plant in the family Acanthaceae. It is also known by the common names belalai gajah (Malay), phaya yo (Thai), Sabah snake grasski tajam (Sunda), and dandang gendis (Jawa). This plant is used in the traditional herbal medicines of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and China. It has been used in Indonesia in the treatment of dysentery and diabetes.

This medical herb is commonly known as Sabah Snake Grass(SSG), Daun Belalai Gajah, 憂遁草(忧遁草) or Clinacanthus Nutans. It belongs to acanthaceae family and grows well in tropical weather countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia.

Sabah Snake Grass(Clinacanthus Nutans) can be multiplied through stem cutting. Generally, the maturity of SSG is 3-9 months. Study found that Sabah Snake Grass(Clinacanthus Nutans) is a non-toxic, high content of flavonoids, as well as containing variety of human body essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids.

In recent years, cancer patients from Malaysia found that consumption of Sabah Snake Grass(Clinacanthus Nutans) have good efficacy against cancer. Sabah Snake Grass or SSG also claims to be able to heal diabetes, dermatitis, reduce back pain, high blood pressure or high uric acid. The following news was published on 4/5 & 4/6 @ Guang Ming Daily newspaper in Malaysia.

"A man who had Lymphatic Cancer -- Stage 4 with 123 Lymph nodes affected. His cancer started in March 2008. Affected parts: 1st: Right lung, 2nd: Left lung, 3rd: Groin, 4th: Eye and 5th: Mouth. After 9 chemotherapies he stopped the treatment on 10/11/2008 because 5 specialists said that he can only survive for 3 more months. Today, after more than 2 years, he has recovered and is still living. Thanks to the Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus nutans) which he planted at his house. He blended the leaves with green apple (without skin and seeds) and drank them after breakfast everyday. After 3 days, 6 tumors disappeared. After 13 days, he went for a blood test, an oncologist said that he was 96% cured. He encouraged those who suffered from various types of cancers to take the herb for healing and so far more than 1,000 people who had taken the herbs showed improvement."

在太平,一名于3年前被医生宣判只剩14天命的华裔中年,甚至已为自己订了棺木的癌症患着刘联辉(56岁,工程承包商),在无助下,求助神明,获神明指点,服用忧遁草,结果14天过去,他还活着,连本身及医生也感到惊奇,不敢相信。 他过后介绍友人服用此药草,更把本身经历上载网上,过去3年来,先后有不少癌症患者向他求教,服用后神奇见效。 消息传开后,不少太平人对忧遁草视如宝,并封为神草药,除了饮用保健,也在住家空种忧遁草,掀起栽种热潮,并与亲友分享。 他说,台湾国立屏东科技大学的食品科学系教授谢宝全,在网上看到他的病历,特前来探访了解,并带回资料到台湾研究,如果研究证实,将安排他到台湾现身做证。 在马华的穿针引线下,太平保阁亚三州选区拿督何章兴,今日特安排数名癌症患者服用后,向记者现身说法,希望也引起社会注意,特别是希望对其它患者也有帮助。 * 服用时忌8种食物及补品 刘联辉说,忧遁草味甘苦,初服用者因不习惯,会作呕,惟久了就习惯。 他说,忧遁草可以将叶片绞汁饮用或直接生吃,一般人都是以绞汁渗入青萍果汁饮用。 他提醒说,服用忧遁草,切记不可同时服用补品,同时,忌食8种食物,包括:

1. 鸡; 2. 鸭; 3. 牛油; 4. 芋头; 5. 糯米; 6. 刺壳(银壳鱼); 7. 甘望鱼; 8. 魔鬼鱼。 你们的每一个赞 每一则留言 每一个分享 都是我拍影片的动力💪 敢敢按下那个红色的订阅按钮吧🚨 😜不用给钱的啦😅 这样才不会错过我的下一部影片嘛😏 谢谢你们️你们最棒😍

Note :  Have friends tried this herb and have very impressive result, make sure not to  overdose the herb.  When if
you have reaction after taking it, stop the herb and continue in small quantity when is cleared. Be patient and caution when taking herbal.