Just came across this letter.  The author's grandfather was on both planes that dropped atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Interesting read.  I have included a reader's comment below as well.



An Open Letter To Prime Minister Abe: I Hope You Remain Committed To Reconciliation


LtLt Demost

Japan's autocratic, political, cultural, and wealthy governing class invariably consisting of traditional Japanese imperialists, opportunists, social and financial oppressors, and right-wing extremists, has been in power for at least millennium over Japan.

They cleverly created and prolonged the political, social and economic unequal classes still exist today in Japan, with themselves forever on the top.

As a result, these self-important Japanese elite clans, to which Abe and his predecessors belong, have been not just politically dominating but also financially oppressing, socially and racially discriminating against those under them not just in Japan but all over its neighboring countries in the Asian Pacific region and especially upon Korea, China, and even Russia in the recent centuries.

This is clearly evidenced and amplified by the fact that -- unlike Germany -- Japan has never apologized to nor genuinely reconciled with its neighbors, against whom Japan had committed gross war crimes and bloody aggression up and through WW II -- a war, Japan unprovokly started. A war that was ended, only after Japan was nuked twice. Japan surrendered unconditionally, however, its extreme elites' core belief of their cultural, social, and racial supremacy over others -- domestic or foreign -- remains and has never changed. 

By the governing elites of Japan, there will never be any apology nor any reconciliation offered to others(even to their own everyday fellow Japanese) in the Asian Pacific.