I was nearly raped by a 13 year old
This happened at Shell petrol Kiosk Jalan Munshi Abdullah(opposite of bank Simpanan Nasional) Malacca during a bright day at around 2.45 pm .. And the kiosk if full of ppl and this kid is too daring to do this..

Note : Incident happened in Malacca,  Malaysia

Dear all,
I was nearly been raped by a 13 year old malay kid at Shell Petrol Kiosk female toilet (Jalan Munshi Abdullah). I stop by there for a poo break and he stormed in when i opened the door after m done. With such a young mind, he manage to hold me and shut my mouth..he kissed my cheeks and molested my breast... While i struggled to fight him off ... I shouted my lungs out till the opposite Bank Simpanan Nasional staff and customer heard my shouting..In between of fighting him off, i manage to bite his fingers.. After a few attempts of trying to open the door, finally i heard a few person outside the toilet..With that i try even harder to open the door and manage to slot my palm in between the door to avoid the door being shut again ..And thank god the shell assistant was right outside the toilet with another malay lady and malay man after the door was partly open..
They caught him and keep him in the male toilet till the police are here..And what was even heart breaking , is that the police ask me whether to let him go or continue with the police report.. why on earth should i be letting him go !! And i m being questioned that did i make a lie !! How sad is this that i m being questioned in such a way just because he is a kid....,

Thank god he was not armed with any tool nor he is with other adult that may even harm me more..
And now i m in Hospital Besar Melaka for check up and will proceed with another investigation and report at IPK .. And a reminder to all the ladies and men out there, the world has changed..

A kid of 13 years old has managed to do such a criminal thing. Age does not matter when it comes to crime...

please take extra precaution when you are out there......