Hey there,

Last week I had the "silver" fillings I've had
in my teeth for over 10 years removed, and its
changed my life so much that I had to write
to you about this(in case you don't know
about this already)

I'm a pretty health conscious guy and I
can't believe I let this slip under my
radar for so long.

First of all, if you have "silver" fillings
in your mouth, go watch these videos below
right now.

These are not silver fillings, they contain
mercury, which is extremely toxic, causes
depresion, brain disorders, chron!c
fatigue, and a host of many other health
conditions which are in plague status
currently all over the world. (Especially
in young children.)

Watch these videos

(this one shows the mercury gas coming off
your teeth if you have fillings)

The amount of mercury which comes off your
teeth from these fillings is many times more
than what the EPA considers toxic and mortally
hazardous to human beings!

(In this one you'll see how mercury affects
your brain cells, this is seriously messed up)

Here's how this changed my life.

The moment the fillings came out of my mouth,
it as if my brain started working properly
for the first time in 10 years.

A mental fog, a fuzz that's been there for
years suddenly lifted.

My whole body began buzzing with energy.

All of a sudden my thoughts became extremely
lucidly clear and a type of inner harmony
began to arise, peace on a cellular level
in my body.

Latent abilities which I had very strong
as a child, such as Clarvoyancy, returned
at rapid speed. (this is because the pineal
gland is IN THE BRAIN, which mercury inhibits)

Even though I didn't know it, my body was
under constant atttack from mercury for 10 years,
causing thinking to be fuzzy, blocked,
my brain literally was working probably

All I can say is WOW, I can't believe I waited
this long to take these out, my friend made
me aware of it months ago and I kept on
putting it off(who likes going to the dentist)

If you have "silver" fillings in your mouth,
I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you take them out
immediately - this is a total game changer.

Silver fillings(ammalgrams) are not silver,
they contain a deadly conccotion of chemicals
specifically designed to release toxic gas.

We're told this is perfectly safe and harmless
to the body.

Here's some more articles if you want to do
your own research:

(here's a list of Mercury poisoning symptoms
if you have any of these, and you've got
fillings, take them out and see what happens)



The best way to have them removed is to find
a Biological Dentist and have them safely
remove the Mercury and replace them with
Ceramic fillings or other safe materials
(which there are plenty of)

Hope you found this helpful.