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When documentary filmmaker Brent Huffman first visited the Buddhist archaeological site
of Mes Aynak in eastern Afghanistan in June 2011, he was awed by the 2,600-year-old city,
how it stretches for 100 acres, encompassing artifacts, monasteries and more than 200 statues.
On Thursday, he's on his way back to bear witness to its last days.
Huffman is an award-winning director, writer, editor and cinematographer.
He is also an assistant professor at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.
We recently spoke to him about Mes Aynak, from its history to the current the situation:
Tell us about Mes Aynak and what it's like to be there.
Brent Huffman: First off, it's difficult to get there. It's about 90 minutes from Kabul, even though, in terms of miles,
it's only 25 miles southeast from Kabul. The roads are really bad and they often get washed away if it rains.
You also have drive slowly through villages, many of which have been known to be Taliban friendly,
so it's very dangerous. You also have to go down roads that are often land-mined, and sometimes
people will shoot rockets at cars that drive through. It's really dangerous to get on site.
But once you get to Mes Aynak, it's absolutely incredible. It's awe inspiring. It reminds me of Machu Picchu in Peru
in terms of massive structure. You're looking at a very large Buddhist city about 400,000-square meters in size.
It encompasses mountain ranges, a monastery complex and dozens of temple structures.
There are 400 life-size or larger Buddha statues on site.
They're finding manuscripts inside some of the structures, so they're constantly pulling out amazing new things.
A BRONZE AGE city is BELOW the Buddhist city.
The real HEROS of Mes Aynak are the archaeologists risking their lives to save this ancient Buddhist city.
Huffman has been documenting the story of three archaeologists who are working to save the site.
He follows Marquis, a French archaeologist leading the effort, J. Mark Kenoyer, an American archaeologist
and professor at the University of Wisconsin, and Abdul Qadeer Temore, an Afghan archaeologist
who is also trying to preserve his cultural heritage.
The documentary will also feature Zhenguo Liu, an MCC manager working in the Mes Aynak compound,
sits on a rich copper mine worth more than US$100 billion.
Nov 2012, 50,000 had signed. Pls share our TWO official petitions to save Mes Aynak:
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4. Spread the word.

massive archeological Buddhist site

international archeologists racing against time to ..

Monk skeleton beside ancient (2,600 yrs) stupa. Afghanistan Mes Anyak

takes 30 yrs to explore the WHOLE SACRED SITE

ornate stupas, dharma texts...



請在經濟上支援布朗.赫夫曼教授為了拯救麥斯阿納古佛城冒著生命危險十次進入阿富汗而製作的紀錄片。此紀錄片旨在喚醒各界人士對於古佛城所面對的危機, 停止(或至少延遲)為了開採銅礦而破壞佛教珍貴文物的行為,讓考古學家有更多時間搶救可以移走的無價佛教文物。並通過國際壓力有效阻止有關單位在阿富汗境內其他考古地點以開採天然資源之名破壞人類的無價文化遺產。

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Photo credit: Brent E. Huffman Artwork design: Wendy Tay